One of the most helpful things to know as a person seeking therapy is that you are not alone. Therapy Groups and Workshops offer an inexpensive, supportive way to learn skills and insight, get a preview of the therapy process, and take an important step in personal growth.

Self Esteem Therapy Group

Your Self Esteem – Woman’s Therapy Group

Increasing your self-esteem will improve your problem solving, emotional balance, and closeness to others. Develop self-confidence, conquer your inner critic, and learn solid techniques for becoming your best self. This group offers a secure, confidential, and comfortable environment for a select number of women to relate, offer support, and learn together.  Learn The 5 Dysfunctional Rules We Can Live Without, How To Stop Controlling, Catastrophizing, and more. Workbook provided, therapist led.

Program Length: 8 weeks

Therapy for Adult Children

Bridging The Gap With Your Adult Children

Do you feel chronically misunderstood, unappreciated, or drawn into conflict with your emotionally distant adult children? They may be grown, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t issues! Whether they’re living with you or on their own, being in a relationship with your adult children can be very challenging! This group has terrific support and solutions for you. Bring resolution to issues of personal history, respect, communication, and expectations.

Program Length: 4 Weeks

Therapy for Difficult parents

Managing Life With Difficult Parents

Dealing with negative, difficult, or offensive parents is very difficult for any
adult. Dealing with crabby parents is not a life sentence. Even if Mom or Dad can’t change, you do not have to continue to struggle through the same cringe-worthy moments. Learn strategic communication, coping skills, and gentle and effective boundaries that can save your sanity.

Program Length: 6 Weeks

therapy in the workplace

People Skills In The Workplace

Do you need to develop a greater calm, poise, and stability in dealing with issues and personalities at work? Keep your self-esteem and confidence intact while learning to be more relaxed and skillful in handling workplace stress. Learn how to share appropriately, resolve conflict, be taken seriously, and deal with emotionally disruptive people. One day workshops, call for current times, dates and pre-registration.

One Day Workshop (call for current times and dates)

therapy for problem children

Dealing with Parent-Child Conflict Successfully

Differences and conflict are bound to happen. Success at parent-child conflict is a skill you can’t be without. Learn how to keep your cool, stand your ground, and take care of business. Knowing how to effectively manage conflict improves everyone’s calm, cooperation, and clarity. To increase your skill set and reduce the time spent wrestling with “big little egos,” this workshop can give you the tools you need. One day workshop, call for current dates and times.

One Day Workshop (call for dates and times)