New Skills For Stepfamilies

“We’d be fine if it weren’t for these other people!” or “When is my spouse going to focus on our relationship?” “The kids were fine until we got married!”

If you can relate to these feelings, chances are you are in a rocky stepfamily. Finding direction and balance in remarriage today is very difficult, whether you’re the one with the new spouse, part-time child custody, or blending multiple generations under one roof. You’re trying to establish yourselves as a couple, while combining two families, with different sets of children, multiple grandparents, and sabotaging or needy ex-spouses. In addition, you have numerous boundary issues, financial struggles, and opposing traditions. Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed?

Step family counseling

I Can Help

As a therapist, I have been dealing with stepfamilies for almost 30 years. I can help you learn to solve communication issues, set good boundaries, win cooperation of kids and spouses, and stay sane in the process. It’s not easy, but you have had the courage to find love again, and trust again. That courage can again see you to the shore in safety if you will let yourself have some help navigating unfamiliar waters (and coping with the sharks!) Call me today, and we can get started.