You, Empowered

individual therapyDid you know, after wartime dangerous landlines often remain present, and in fact kill 26,000 people a year? Are you living with your own emotional “landmines,” planted by previous conflicts, which continue to harm or rattle you? Do you feel confused, misunderstood, or victimized by circumstances (or relationships) you actually try hard at? If things seem too muddled, too hurtful, and too exhausting, it may be time for some individual therapy.

What if you could turn things around? What if you could enjoy clearer communication and a better understanding of yourself? What if you could develop a stronger, more compassionate self, and resolve old hurts and avoid new ones? Life would feel better and so would you.

Individual Therapy Teenager

Focused, Secure, Successful

We can begin a counseling relationship that will do the job – a safe, secure, relationship designed to bring out the best in you. That’s my job, to empower and support you. It can be challenging to come to therapy, but hundreds of individuals in my care have increased their calm and confidence and gone on to wonderful personal and professional achievements. If they can do it, you can do it.

Don’t continue to struggle with what is actually fixable. Call me today for an appointment (or click the booking button below) and we can get started.