You, Rekindled

“My husband had an affair.”
“I feel so tense and overwhelmed.”
“We’re living like roommates.”

If you can relate to these feelings, you’re frustrated, worried, exhausted. You don’t know what to do. I want to hear your story, because my passion is to help couples and individuals who are struggling in their relationships.

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Is Marriage Counseling For You?

Are you tired of arguing, fed up with put-downs? Do you feel unappreciated, disrespected, or lonely at home? You wonder if marriage counseling would really help.

Your counseling assessment explores this question. Even after the worst, people do rebuild after disasters, and more and more couples are choosing to remodel the relationship they have. You need a blueprint. And a good contractor.

Like remodeling, there’s a certain amount of demolition, (what must go), reconstruction (what must be added), rewiring (is there still a spark), and refurbishing (new practices.) Similar to most remodels, it demands patience, but the end result is more than worth it!

What Enables Some Couples to Work Things Out?

Some couples are able to benefit from couples counseling, and others decide to forego that option. Couples who decide to come to counseling struggle with such issues as:

  • Divorce and separation (in progress or threatened)
  • Cheating and affairs (emotional and otherwise)
  • Coldness, control, and withdrawal
  • Arguing, lying, secrets
  • Conflicts in parenting, finances and work/home responsibilities
  • Lack of respect, lack of support and lack of understanding
  • Not being able to solve problems

In couples counseling, together we uncover the key patterns in your interaction, and your make-up, that cause you to have difficulties. I’ll help you learn to communicate with sensitivity and insight. You will acquire the communication skills you need to re-establish an emotional connection. Understanding yourself and your partner better, with new skills, results in greater trust, harmony and emotional connection in the marriage. Even a little willingness can go a long way.

couples counseling

My Values

I am a Couples Specialist – a veteran of 30 years of marriage counseling – and have helped hundreds of couples become happier and healthier. Many therapists see everything from children with sleep problems to adults with road rage. But I believe couples in trouble should see a therapist or counselor who has received specialized training in couples. The benefit of deep experience and specific couples training will pay off.

I am also a Christian therapist.My faith gives me the hope, confidence, and guidance I need to work in a way that is sensitive and grounded in compassionate concern for your well-being. I see couples from all walks and views, in a respectful, non-judgmental atmosphere.

I strive to see couples feel relaxed, secure, and open with each other. I like to see couples develop mature behavior, good judgment, balanced give-and-take, and appropriate boundaries.

Most couples who put in some effort, make it. The cost for a good marriage that dies, due to unaddressed conflict and struggle, is tragic. A marriage that creates feelings of being supported, loved and understood, is priceless.

I would love to discuss your needs further. Give me a call at (208) 895-0212 or make an appointment with the scheduling button. I am eager to help you get your relationship back on track.