anxiety and depression counseling

Anxiety and Depression

You’re not doing what you used to enjoy.
You’re hemmed in by worry.
You’ve stopped reaching out to others. Everything seems so hard.

If this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing anxiety or depression, or both. Anxiety can be present even in the best of us and takes many forms, ranging from intrusive worry to full-blown panic attacks. Depression, too, reaches deep into everyday life and can overwhelm you before you know it.

Treating anxiety and depressionTarget Treatment Works

Both anxiety and depression can arise from a variety of sources, at any age, and have nothing to do with personal ‘strength.’ Anxiety and depression are both physiological and psychological; therefore their treatment is actually related.

You have every right to be upset by symptoms that are so disruptive and unexplainable. But both Anxiety & Depression actually responds very well to skilled treatment. Together we can assess, plan, and act, to turn this around, and change your life for the better.