Meet Marymargaret Parker, LMFT

When looking for a therapist, you should look for someone with experience, wisdom, and compassion. I will help you accomplish your goals and develop a bright future by offering insight, encouraging new skills, and providing stability during the transition. As your counselor, my job is to empower you. You are important and you are not alone.

Relationship Solutions Anchored In Faith

  • I believe one of the keys to successful therapy is comfortable, relaxed growth. You need to feel emotionally secure, even in the face of challenges
  • I believe many competent providers have a good education or years of experience. But a great therapist must also inspire, enlighten, and empower
  • I believe in being fully engaged and constructive. Your greater fulfillment and wholeness are my primary goals
  • I believe faith provides a powerful, sustaining awareness that “God is always at work behind the scenes.” That is one of the best things I bring to the table – “Relationship solutions anchored in faith.”