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“I feel overwhelmed.”  | “We argue too much.”  | “My husband had an affair.”

marymargaret parkerIf you can relate to these feelings, you’re hurting; you feel frustrated and exhausted. If you’re upset by lack of trust, lack of respect, and lack of closeness, you’re only human to feel worried and discouraged. I want to hear your story, because my life’s work is to help couples and individuals who are struggling.

Whether you are married or single, a frustrated parent, or a desperate adolescent, anyone can have relationship problems. Anyone can go through times where they feel anxious, depressed, misunderstood, or caught between a rock and a hard place.

If you’ve been “walking on eggshells” or missing the confidence you used to have, you can reclaim your self-esteem and emotional balance. During counseling, you can learn to reap the rewards of understanding, and being understood.

I’m a solution-focused Christian therapist, and have successfully treated couples, families, and individuals for 30 years. In therapy, I promise, you will begin to feel more relaxed, secure, and valued. Your feelings about your relationships will change. Your life and your future will be profoundly different.

You can take the first brave step toward restoring understanding and empowerment in your life. Call me today and we can get started.

Couples Counseling

Are you tired of arguing, fed up with put-downs? You wonder if marriage counseling would really help. I want to hear your story, because my passion is to help couples and individuals who are struggling in their relationships.

Individual Therapy

Do you feel confused, misunderstood, or victimized by circumstances (or relationships) you actually try hard at? If things seem too muddled, too hurtful, and too exhausting, it may be time for some individual therapy.

Christian Counseling

As a Christian, when you’re hurting, you want to turn to God, leaning on the One who knows and loves you best. You may feel discouraged or frustrated as a couple in your walk. Or you may feel detached from the One who gives you hope and direction.

Family Therapy

If life with your family has too much guilt, worry, frustration, and stress, Family Therapy can help. You can get more connected and less conflicted.

Therapy Online

Traveling? Crazy work hours? There are many reasons people choose the convenience of therapy and counseling online. Here’s what you need to know.

Divorce Recovery

While sitting down with your soon-to-be-ex may be the last thing you want to do, learning respectful, appropriate communication and boundaries make divorce healthier and much easier for everyone.

Anxiety & Depression

Do you often feel lost and overwhelmed so that even simple tasks are just “too much?”

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Handouts & Helps

Follow up in-session suggestions with these helpful handouts and resources.

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Videos & Cool Stuff

Insight, encouragement and tools available to you.

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We’re sure you have questions, and we have answers. Visit our FAQ Page.

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What My Clients Are Saying

“My son and I hadn’t had a civil word in months. Everything was an argument. I’m glad we decided to go to family therapy.”

Paul W.Meridian, ID

“I was so angry about my husband’s flirting. We learned how to stop the constant criticism and become more united as a couple.”

Chris MMiddleton, ID

“The experience was super positive and helpful to my husband and I – therapy was defnintely worth the money.”

Gail C.Nampa, ID

“The sessions were very helpful…I would love to come back for more.”

Rob G.Boise, ID

“Therapy was VERY HELPFUL for my situation. I LOVED Marymargaret’s approach in Individual Therapy immensely!”

Amber T.Meridian, ID