Rates for Therapy

Therapy is a good investment

What’s expensive is divorce, rehab, family crisis, and health problems related to stress.

Your investment in your psychological and emotional well-being can pay for itself many times over. In counseling you can:

  • Lay a solid foundation of caring family relationships
  • Build individual strength and stability
  • Learn problem solving skills good for a lifetime. My clients say… “Best money I ever spent!”

An initial consultation is no charge.

I have always wanted counseling to be available for everyone who needs it, and therefore I make every effort to keep my fees as low as possible. The mid-range of fees in Meridian is $120 to $220 per session. Also, many popular insurance carriers mandates sessions at 35 or 45 minutes. My fee however is $140 per one hour session, an excellent value considering my training and 25+ years of experience.